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When Should I Begin the Professional Branding Process?
When Should I Begin the Professional Branding Process?

Look, there’s a lot to think about. We get it. You’ve got a website, signage and a truck of marketing materials to print—but before you head down that road, check in with us. Eight to 10 months out from launch is typically a good timeframe to kick things off.

How Far Out Should I Plan My Launch Marketing?

For launch campaigns, especially those that include a saturation mailers, we recommend having the creative work completed 60 to 45 days out from launch to allow for proper dispersal of marketing deliverables.

Why Isn’t Cookie Cutter Creative The Answer?

It’s certainly nice to glean ideas from the success of others. You can learn, admire and reflect, but don’t copy and paste. You're looking to reach a unique group of people in a unique town with your own particular voice.

Is Yellowbox Regional to Texas?

While many of our original team members started in the Houston area, we services clients nationwide — and even internationally when the opportunity arises.

How Do I Know That Yellowbox Is A Good Fit?

Can you honestly expect us to answer that one completely unbiased? Not sure if we can. So here’s your answer: While we may not be the best creative option for everyone, we certainly hope you can learn from the resources on our site. But for anyone who’s looking for an upgraded brand and brand strategy, we’re ready to start working with you.

What Does A Healthy Creative Culture Look Like in an Organization?

Culture, as you’re probably aware, isn’t dictated so much by the vision of the organization, but rather developed by those who come attracted to the vision. We’re passionate about this and write about it often. Head here for some inspiration.

How Do I Plan My Creative Calendar Without Sacrificing Inspiration?

We don’t want to stifle the inspiration by being more mechanical with our planning than we are intentional. We believe the best creative comes from intentionality AND inspiration. Use both, and avoid unnecessary stress.