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Our friends at Movement initially reached out to upgrade their website experience. After a few failed attempts at getting UI/UX design drafts approved, we realized that what they reallly were unhappy with was their branding. Since web design relies heavily on organizational branding, we essentially were trying to build a house on the sand … something something, where have we heard that before ; )

We kicked into our brand discovery phase with Pastors Carey and Meghan Robison and set off on the path to bring them a stellar, modern, original, and fully custom tailored brand identity. 

The ocean and the movement of the waves inspired us to develop a classy, elegant, and yet vibrant brand for our friends in Laguna Beach, CA. 

Once the brand identity was finalized, we dove back into the UI/UX process and crafted something truly original, fun, and lovable for The Movement Church’s website experience. 

Using Lottie animation to bring assets to life, we leaned in on modern technology to craft dynamic moving graphics without bogging down the load time or mobile website experience for users. 

We pitched the idea of a unique scrolling design for the home page and are sure glad it made the cut and came to life.

See the website in action at


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The Movement Church / Laguna Hills, CA

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