Introducing - The Yellowbox Stream Site
March 17, 2020
Yellowbox Creative

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Our Current Reality

Right now, as the Body of Christ, we’re all busy exploring what it means to function as the church online and in-person to our neighbors in this time of national crisis. At Yellowbox, we’re keenly aware of the struggles churches are facing as they are forced to adapt quickly. Our team has all been personally involved in assisting our own local churches with updates and projects aimed at moving church forward as options have become limited for meeting in public spaces over the past few days. With this in mind, we have been head down formulating how we can best assist the local church on a larger scale. 

Our Proposed Solution

First off, we are creating a setup for online streaming and message archiving that will work with all embeddable platforms. 

This online experience setup (The Yellowbox Stream Site) will feature:

  • A streaming player
  • Message archive directory
  • Support for downloadable content (ie Sermon Notes, Love Your Neighbor suggestions...etc) — all easily managed by the user. 
  • Kids Church Option — Additionally, we’re recommending that churches also work towards creating an experience for kids — so if that’s an option for your church, the setup will also support those needs. 

The Yellowbox Stream Site can be customized with your brand colors and logo, in addition to content. We’re offering this setup without any side effects to your primary site for a $99 setup fee that includes one month of hosting ($20). No contracts are necessary, if you wish to use this site after the crisis, we will continue to host for you — but if you just need it for a short while, we will redirect the subdomain back to your current site after the crisis is over. These sites will be available this week to onboard and can go live in time for weekend services. Please fill out this form so we can kick off your stream site project.

Secondly, we are partnering with ReSound - our AVL partner - to build gear packages that will fit any budget. These packages - ranging from small personal streaming setups to full broadcast packages - will help churches navigate these new waters as we continue the mission of the local church to reach people and help them know God. Please fill out this brief survey so our team can better understand your needs.

Our heart is to be a resource for the local church to remain on mission during this difficult season. We are with you and hope to be a blessing to you. We count it an honor to partner with you to bring life-giving encouragement to the body of Christ. 


The Yellowbox Team