Engagement > Attendance
March 30, 2020

Creativity fosters better leadership, problem solving and promotes teamwork.

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Engagement is NO LONGER Greater Than Attendance

Engagement > Attendance
Over the past few years, the church world has been operating based on the emerging trend that engagement is greater than attendance. This sentiment is no longer true because ‘attendance’ has (within the last week or so) been taken away or redirected. Based on the current national emergency known as the coronavirus (COVID-19), engagement IS the new attendance. This leaves us with engagement alone. The formula has changed.

Churches all over the world are in the process of working through how to add daily value to the lives of their congregants and keep them engaged.

Not just engaged with the content, but engaged with Jesus --

  • Engaging their faith
  • Speaking faith over fear
  • Worship over worry
  • Casting their cares upon the Lord
  • Engaging in spiritual interactions with friends and families
  • Even serving one another.

Defining The Win
One definition of leadership is helping people win. To help people win, we must first define the win. What does a win look like this week for your church? A win might be recognizing that this is one of the few times in the year when families get to worship together under one roof or in one room. What will that experience look like? How can we equip parents? How can we provide a life-giving kids church experience? How can we speak to their Mondays? This change requires us not just to be ‘ON’ for Sundays, but to think about our church congregants’ Mondays.

We think this will change how we do church forever. The training wheels of digital engagement in the church have come off, whether we’re ready or not. Church life in the crisis will ultimately inform church life post-crisis. There is some good that will come of this. The church will get better. Our focus is not on how to get people to us, it’s now on how we can get to them.

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Our Commitment to You
We, at Yellowbox, are committed to helping you navigate these times and reach more people than ever before. Our heart is that millions of people would say “I got saved during the coronavirus.” We are in this with you.

Yellowbox Creative