Cancel The Olympics
April 28, 2020

Creativity fosters better leadership, problem solving and promotes teamwork.

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Our short-term memory can’t handle everything that you throw at it. Writing things down keeps you from losing ideas forever.

Every four years, the world comes together for a spectacle of sport known as the Summer Olympics. For almost every host city, there are years of planning and a plethora of new infrastructure that must be built. If you visit some of these places, you will see everything from venues (swimming pools or stadiums) to buildings (hotels or welcome centers) to even roads and parks that were built to accommodate the crazy season and event known as the Olympics. 

It’s a time when the world is watching. It’s a time when excellence and presentation matters. 

But what happens after? Many cities don’t have plans for the venues, the buildings or even the roads that were used to get them through the event. 

This year’s Olympics cancellation has made us stop and wonder. What if we cancelled the Olympics in our own churches - or rather our Olympics mindset. Instead of thinking of what we need to build to get us through, what if we thought about what we can do to carry us into the future. What if we took some time to plan long-term and built some structures that would not only get us through this COVID-19 season, but the seasons to come. 

  • What is the role of digital video calls (Zoom, Google Hangouts...etc) moving beyond COVID-19? 
  • What will online church look like after this season? 
  • What long term changes will you be making to your Dream Team, your website, your social media, your Growth Track, your small groups? 
  • How will you continue to engage your congregation DAILY beyond COVID-19?

We believe this is the perfect season to strategize about the methods and marketing of your church and we want to help you build for the future. We believe the church will shine brighter than it ever has before in this next season and beyond and would be honored to partner with you. Send us an e-mail at or DM us at @helloyellowbox for a free consultation. 


The Yellowbox Team