A Church’s Creativity Can Change The World
November 17, 2017
by Alex Anderson

Creativity fosters better leadership, problem solving and promotes teamwork.

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Our short-term memory can’t handle everything that you throw at it. Writing things down keeps you from losing ideas forever.

While artistic talent and good taste might be intrinsic — creativity isn’t. It can be nurtured, learned, and explored in endless combinations.

Churches want to be creative. And that’s a powerful ambition, knowing that with creativity comes an increased potential for engaging culture and breathing fresh perspective into the world. But an inclination for creative work brings the stress, pressure and intensity that’s commonplace with the creative fields.

It’s important to continuously challenge ourselves to keep exploring new depths of creativity. We need to foster it within our church teams and hold high standards for each other. And while artistic talent and good taste might be intrinsic — creativity isn’t. It can be nurtured, learned, and explored in endless combinations.

A church’s creativity can change the world. Here are a few ways to cultivate creativity on your team.

Create warmth.

More often than not, this is a characteristic lacking within churches — a feeling of acceptance that lets people know that their additions are welcome. When you walk into a room and are positive that your team will support and champion you, it’s easier to contribute ideas and take risks.

An environment that prioritizes warmth and acceptance will foster creative ideas and lead to daring innovation and change within your organization, because people trust that they all have one another’s best interest in mind.

Be intentional.

When was the last time that you and your church were intentional in the pursuit of creativity? Give team members time to read and write, listen to a new album release, or maybe just head to the movies and watch Justice League. Take time to go outside and walk. Run. Lift weights. Watch old movies. Watch old *Christmas movies. Sift through estate sales. Buy something that you’d never think about buying. Spend time with your family.

Dive into the ditches with each other and help connect the dots. Celebrate the tiny victories. Be aware of how hard each person is working and make sure that they’re getting enough sleep, enough rest, enough encouragement. You can change the culture on your own.

Don’t glorify stress.

There’s this “romantic” (also dumb) notion that stress and creativity have to be linked. And it’s stupid. You don’t have to be busy ~all the time~ to be creative. You don’t have to stay up late to be creative. You don’t have to be overwhelmed to be creative. You don’t have to get to the office early to be creative. There’s little evidence that stress, mental illness, anxiety — in any form — is necessary for creativity. It’s much more important to prioritize self-care.

Being thoughtful and original in daily life doesn’t require suffering. And this idea that stress, hurt and suffering are somehow linked to creative thinking is only hurting your potential. Our best ideas show up randomly in the shower anyways. Not at 10 at night with sleep-deprived team members.

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